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About me

about me
Massage has been an integral part of my life since childhood. I began practising it at the tender age of 3 to alleviate my ailing mother's pain, and with each massage, I witnessed a tangible reduction in her discomfort. Her appreciation ignited a sense of satisfaction in me and kindled a genuine interest in the art of massage. Over time, I extended my massages to other family members - aunts, grandparents, and even my mother's colleagues at work. The positive feedback I received continuously fuelled my motivation. Being self-taught, I delved into exploring ways to enhance my skills. It was at this point that my wife suggested enrolling in the Aura Vitalis Shiatsu school in Rijeka, a decision that led me to three years of dedicated learning. Concurrently, changes in my workplace left me unemployed.
TIt was then that I decided to forge my own path and establish a small business focused on shiatsu treatments. The lingering question was what to name my venture. Drawing inspiration from the memories of satisfied clients who often complimented my "hands of gold", the natural choice was to christen my craft "Hands of Gold" or "Zlatne ruke" in Croatian.
Now, I find immense joy in my work. Each day presents an opportunity to eagerly learn new techniques and approaches. As Confucius wisely remarked, "Find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life". This sentiment precisely captures my experience. Every shiatsu treatment brings me genuine happiness, knowing that through my skills and love for my work, I enhance the quality of life for my clients.
For me, Zlatne ruke is not just a job; it's a mission. Through each treatment session, my goal is to release blockages and restore balance in the body, offering harmony and well-being to my clients. Fuelled by passion and a commitment to continuous learning, I work confidently, fully aware that with my "hands of gold", I provide the essential touch my clients need.
As a shiatsu practitioner, I consider myself blessed to be able to pursue a profession I love. This technique not only nourishes the bodies and souls of my clients but also enriches my own life. The reciprocal benefits of shiatsu create a harmonious exchange, a testament to the profound impact this practice has on both my clients and me.