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In the Japanese language, Shiatsu means "finger pressure"

Shiatsu is a methodology developed in Japan during the 20th century, enriched by influences from Western massage techniques and various Oriental practices. The gentle touch employed in Shiatsu treatment stimulates self-help processes within the body, activating natural healing mechanisms.
The Japanese Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Social Security defines the Shiatsu technique as "a form of work applied with the thumbs, fingers, and palms without the use of any instrument, mechanical or otherwise, to apply pressure on human skin to correct the work of internal organs, improve and maintain health, and treat certain diseases". In Japan, the Ministry of Health has a list of over 200 medical problems for which Shiatsu is the first choice.
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Shiatsu is effective for: depression, low back pain, headache, fatigue, stress, premenstrual syndrome, painful menstruation, frequent inflammation of the bladder, thyroid problems, tension, insomnia, neck, shoulder, and back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritic pain, indigestion, constipation, nervousness, mechanical problems (inability to bend down, raise your hand, tie your shoes…), post-covid issues, and much more associated with both mental and physical conditions of the body...
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