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Painful menstruation

painful menstruation
Painful menstruation is termed dysmenorrhoea, originating from the Greek words: dys meaning heavy, men meaning moon, and rhoea meaning flow.
Various causes contribute to dysmenorrhea, and the most significant issue arises when pain disrupts normal life. Almost one-third of women face challenges with painful or uncomfortable menstruation.
In many cases, the causes of dysmenorrhea remain unknown. My guess is that the fundamental problem lies in the blood circulation of the female triangle (uterus, ovaries, and vagina), often influenced by today's fast-paced and stressful lifestyles. Posture also plays a role in painful menstruation, with many women adopting a sitting position with one leg crossed over the other and the body tilted forward. This compression leads to poor circulation and swelling in the female triangle. When combined with the stress and demands of modern life, the problem intensifies.
How can shiatsu treatment help? The results are notably positive, bringing happiness to many women. After the initial treatment, some women experienced a significant reduction or complete disappearance of pain. Unlike before, when they had to endure severe pain, often unaided by many painkillers, treated women could resume work after the first session. If the initial treatment provided partial relief, a second session typically eradicated the pain.
Based on my experience, I consistently recommend a Treatment every two weeks or, at the very least, a monthly “reset.” This approach focuses on prevention and overall well-being for the entire body.
Live and rejoice!