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Thyroid gland

thyroid gland
The thyroid gland is one of the 7 endocrine glands in our body, positioned in the neck beneath the larynx along the trachea. Its function bears a significant impact on our body. Rather than delving into a medical viewpoint, I'll share my experiences.
In my interactions with clients, I've observed that the thyroid gland is similar to a fuse or switch in our body, a safeguard against the demands of today's "normal" life that expects us all to be superwomen and supermen. This places a considerable toll on our bodies, and the thyroid gland, in its own way, regulates and shields our body from excessive wear and tear.
The influence of sleep on the thyroid gland is profound, constituting one of the simplest ways to regulate its function. However, it's not solely the quantity but also the quality of sleep that matters. When exceedingly fatigued - due to extensive work and minimal sleep - the thyroid gland endeavours to shield the body from further damage. It shifts you into a state where your capabilities diminish significantly. Prolonged concentration becomes challenging, perpetual fatigue sets in, strength wanes, and you become a mere shadow of your former self. In essence, your thyroid gland has adeptly shifted you into a hypoactive state, conserving energy in response to your body's depletion. The switch has effectively protected you from yourself.
This scenario is not uncommon in athletes, particularly those engaging in intense workouts with substantial exertion in a short period of time, which essentially represent an assault on the body. And it starts taking its toll. Notably, consider the experiences of two Croatian elite alpine skiers, Janica Kostelić and Ana Jelušić. For Janica, the challenge was even more challenging as her thyroid gland had been removed.
I recall a client who had been advised to undergo thyroid gland removal due to suffocation and non-functionality as per medical findings. Prior to her surgery, she sought my assistance. After three months of dedicated work on the thyroid gland (initially weekly, later bi-weekly sessions), subsequent examinations revealed a shift towards a slightly hyperactive state, with no signs of suffocation. The condition had normalised without any adverse changes. The client now comes for a monthly Treatment, which is a general recommendation for maintaining overall health.
Live and rejoice!