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How to read and apply this content

how to read and apply this content
Before reading...
All published articles should be approached with reason, and the application of advice should be even more thoughtful. There are three fundamental rules:
1. Do not force anything
3. Listen to your body
As someone who is primarily self-taught, who transitioned into becoming a shiatsu practitioner (and I am still a layman in some matters), I kindly request you to approach my advice with caution and validate it through personal practice. If uncertain, review and research again. While most of what I write about has either been personally experienced or thoroughly researched, I emphasise the importance of adhering to rules 1, 2, and 3. In all cases, the mantra "less is more" holds true.
One of the basic rules is to listen to your body. We use the body a lot, dare I say abuse, but this same body has mechanisms to get us back on the "right" path. I can act very wise and give a bunch of advice, but it's up to your body to decide how much it suits it.
Don't expect anything overnight but remember: The one thing you can surely change in this world is yourself. By changing yourself, the world around you also changes.
Live and rejoice!